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Innovation Rules For Companies


Confidentiality is paramount


Most of the people we represent to you will require confidentiality. Normal business discussion within the confines of your company is acceptable. Social discussion outside your company is not.


Contacting Candidates


We authorize you to directly contact the individual we represent. You will receive full contact information from us including email address, home phone or personal cell phone number and sometimes daytime company contact numbers. Discretion must be used when calling a candidate at his current company. We would prefer to handle those calls.


The people we represent may not always be available during the work week. They have agreed to have you contact them in the evening and on the weekend. Innovation staff will be happy to handle those contacts for you if you wish.


No beauty pageants


The people we represent are not interested in entering a casting call like Miss America where there are 50 candidates that need to be processed over several months before a decision or action plan can be taken.


Candidates are expected to wait for all the prospects to be examined, reviewed, interviewed, and sometimes re-interviewed. What happens if the “right candidate” is the first one in the door? Many, many months can go by before the company is ready to move. By that time the best people have often moved on resulting in a waste of time for everyone concerned.


We are only interested in dealing with companies that know what to do when they find “the right person”. Our system is designed to present to you ONLY exceptional people from your industry with impressive track records and abilities. They deserve an “up or down vote” in a timely fashion. If they are not right today, let us know today and we will direct our focus elsewhere. If they are right today, nothing good will come from delay.



We pride ourselves on not wasting anyone's time. Not yours. Not theirs. Not ours.


Rules for Candidates

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