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Innovation Rules For Candidates


Innovation is very selective about whom we represent. Over 99 percent of the people we research are quite frankly “not good enough”.  The executives of today have no time to waste sifting through stacks of ordinary candidates looking for someone special. We start out with someone special. We tell the company that “instead of you spending months and months trying to find the right person…. We enable to the “right person” to find you”.


Everyone we represent must follow these rules:





We are 100 percent truthful with company and candidates. You must be also. Your resume must have no gaps, no exaggerations, and no falsifications.  You should expect a full background and reference check. This does not mean you have to be perfect. It means you just have to be perfectly honest up front. We have zero tolerance for deception.





When we approach a company in your behalf we expect you to be “an expert” on that company. You are not being presented as someone who wants a job. You are being presented as someone who can help the company…..someone who can “hit the ground running”. If you are not totally knowledgeable about the company and the industry, we have no business wasting their time.


You should be thoroughly prepared for any telephone or physical interview.  Know your own background and accomplishments. Be prepared to discuss how your background and experience and industry savvy, can help the target company.





The executives we deal with have very difficult schedules. They may request off hour times to speak to you. They may ask, at short notice, for your time. We realize that conflicts with your current employment must be resolved in favor of your current employer…BUT…wherever possible we fully expect you to make yourself available for telephone and physical meetings.


Email and voice mail are valuable tools when you are responsive. While working with us, you must check email and voice mail frequently and respond.





Compensation, title, location are all important...but they are not ALL IMPORTANT.


If you are only interested in a pay increase, stay where you are, work hard and ask for more money. Most of our candidates want to earn more money. Most of them end up doing just that. However, we are only interested in representing you if you are career oriented, not money oriented.


Rules For Companies

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